Wondering If You Have a Dental Emergency?

Wondering If You Have a Dental Emergency?

Jun 04, 2021

Are you currently experiencing dental pain or discomfort and wondering whether what you’re feeling constitutes a dental emergency? If you’re searching for a dentist near you because you’re in dental distress, we invite you to call Quincy Dental Associates to receive triage information from one of our dentists or a member of our dental care team.

Timing Is Important In Dental Emergencies

Everyone’s perception of a dental emergency will be different. For some, seeing blood when rinsing their mouth after brushing or flossing may be alarming, but it doesn’t require immediate care from an emergency dental practice. Instead, it’s a sign that it’s time to visit a dentist at their next available appointment to determine the cause of the bleeding.

However, if you or a family member have experienced mouth trauma, contacting an emergency dentist near you is crucial. According to dental experts, a tooth that has been knocked out can be saved within two hours after the accident. But the longer you wait, the less likely it will be to save it.

As timing is a critical factor in emergency dentistry, a knocked-out tooth is a perfect example of why we encourage you to call our dentists for immediate help and information. By speaking to a team member, you’ll know how to transport the tooth to our dental practice and we can be prepared for your emergency dental procedure upon your arrival.

Suppose your accident or injury requires a dental implant, crown lengthening, bone grafting, or gingival recession treatment. In that case, our Periodontist is here to provide the emergency care you need in those areas to get you back to optimum oral health.

Help to Repair Damaged Restorations

Another area that many patients consider an emergency is when a dental veneer, tooth filling, dental crown, or bridge is damaged or comes loose. While mild damages such as a crack can wait, if the restoration has broken or chipped in a way that it can cause harm to other oral structures, immediate care is needed.

Also, if you have damage to a restoration in the front area of your mouth and you’d like to have it repaired before traveling or going back to work or school for aesthetic reasons, our office will make every effort to fit you in.

The critical takeaway regarding damaged restorations is to call us first since we may be able to provide some tips over the telephone to help until we can see you in our office.

More Information About Types of Dental Emergencies

Are you still wondering if what you’re experiencing at present is a dental emergency? If so, you may find some examples by The American Dental Association (ADA) of dental emergencies helpful. The ADA defines a few dental emergencies that require urgent care as:

  • Potentially life-threatening (such as uncontrolled bleeding).
  • Trauma to a patient’s facial bones (including the jaw).
  • Severe dental pain and inflammation.
  • Surgical post-operative concerns.
  • Tooth fracture resulting in pain and soft tissue trauma.

Although we can’t provide a complete listing of the ADA’s classification of dental emergencies specific to what each patient may be experiencing at their exact point of need, remember that we are here to provide care and answer questions whenever you are in doubt.

Lessen Your Risk of Needing Emergency Dentistry

Our patients can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality of care available from our dentists in Quincy. We are dedicated to providing best-in-class care across all ranges of comprehensive dentistry, including emergency dental care in Quincy.

Our dental office also incorporates state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that you receive the dental care needed, whether it’s for routine exams,cleanings, or a dental emergency.

One thing that you can do today to lessen your risk of needing an emergency dentist in the future is to make sure you are up-to-date on your exams, cleanings, and x-rays. When you stay current with your preventive dental care, we can treat future risks before they become dental emergencies. Make an appointment now to learn more.

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