What Are the Most Common Procedures Done by A General Dentist?

What Are the Most Common Procedures Done by A General Dentist?

Apr 15, 2022

When you visit a general dentist near you, you and your family can benefit from receiving a broad range of dental services that you may not be aware are classified under “general dentistry”. Many people believe that a general dentist can only provide essential dental exams and cleanings. The term “general dentist” also refers to a patient’s primary dentist, who can often perform care in cosmetic dentistry and more.

When you visit Dr. Richard Rossman and his team at Quincy Dental Associates, you’ll benefit from having a highly accomplished dentist who can help you maintain a healthy smile or restore a damaged one.

Most common procedures offered in our state-of-the-art dental clinic by A General Dentist

Let’s take a look at some of the most common procedures offered in our state-of-the-art dental clinic in your area.

Dental Fillings

As a leading family dentist in Quincy, MA, Dr. Rossman performs dental fillings on patients of all ages. Although dental fillings are most often associated with children’s dentistry, adults also get cavities. Using the latest equipment and materials, our dentist can perform gentle dental fillings that include the use of tooth-coloring materials for a natural-looking, radiant smile. Natural tooth-colored fillings are best for front teeth, but can also be made for back teeth, even if they are less visible. That way, when you laugh, yawn, sing, or talk, no one will be able to notice that you’ve had any restoration performed on your back tooth. If you’d like to learn more about tooth-colored fillings, or any of the other materials we use in our office, please give us a call to make an appointment today or to learn more about Dental Fillings.

Dental Crowns

Even though dental fillings are among the most common treatments in family and general dentistry, dental crowns are considered the workhorse of modern dental treatments. Not only can a dental crown help restore the structure and strength of a damaged tooth, but they also are used to cover a dental implant, improving the shape or color of a tooth for aesthetic purposes. The procedure typically requires two visits to our office. The first visit is to prepare the tooth scheduled to receive the dental crown by removing any decay and taking an impression of the tooth so your crown matches in shape and size. Your dental crown will be made and ready for placement at your second appointment. Between appointments, we will make a temporary crown for you to make sure you are comfortable and able to each with ease.

Dental Bridges

If you have a missing tooth and want to have the gap repaired without a dental implant or partial denture, dental bridges are a great option. They are considerably less expensive than a dental implant and typically do not require a bone graft. Dental bridges provide patients with more comfort and security than the other option: a partial denture. Dr. Rossman performs four types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional dental bridge
  • Maryland dental bridge
  • Cantilever dental bridge
  • Implant-supported dental bridge

Each type has its unique features and benefits, which you’ll learn about by scheduling your dental bridge consultation. This appointment is also an excellent opportunity to inquire about other tooth replacement options you may have been curious about.

Mouth Reconstruction

Procedures in full mouth reconstruction are available in general dentistry. Common treatments are TMD treatment and gum tissue recontouring. Two others that many patients don’t commonly think about include jaw repositioning and bone or soft tissue grafting. Full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation is the process of rebuilding teeth, gums, and other mouth tissues that prevent patients from enjoying a comfortable, functional, and confident smile. Whether you’ve suffered severe traumatic injuries to your mouth and smile or have congenital anomalies such as a misaligned jaw structure, we invite you to ask us about your mouth reconstruction options. We can design a customized treatment plan just for you that will include a comprehensive plan to get your smile where you want it to be. By agreeing on a treatment plan before beginning any procedure, you’ll receive treatments in the order that makes sense for your needs, budget, and timeline.

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