Understanding Emergency Dental Care

Understanding Emergency Dental Care

May 13, 2021

Most people strive to stay healthy and have strong teeth, healthy gums, fresh breath, and all other attributes of good oral health.

Even when maintaining optimal dental hygiene, accidents do happen. Some are purely accidental, while others result from poor choices made in earlier years, such as eating sugary foods and using teeth to open bottles and cut through tough objects.

When accidents occur, people are rushed to emergency rooms to have their injuries addressed. But what happens with dental injuries? Many hospitals do not have dental emergency rooms. Thus, most emergency dental treatments, especially following accidents, should be addressed by dentists.

Quincy Dental Associates offers prompt emergency dental care. Call our office right away if you’re ever facing a dental emergency.

Emergency dentistry deals with dental problems after accidents and other urgent cases that cannot await treatment. Emergency dentists will strive to attend to the patient as soon as possible after the patient reports a dental emergency.

What Necessitates Emergency Dental Treatment?

Several symptoms can indicate that you need emergency dental services from a dentist. These symptoms are:

  • Painful swelling in your gingiva

    – Visit your dentist as soon as you notice your gums are swelling so that they can identify the cause of the inflammation.

  • Completely knocked out teeth

    – If you’ve had an accident, and your tooth has been completely knocked out, visit the dentist quickly to get treatment.

  • Continuous bleeding

    – If your gums are bleeding continuously, you may have gum disease and should visit the dentist for proper diagnosis and medication.

  • Severe toothache

    – If you experience excruciating pain from your teeth, you need emergency dental care. The pain may be a result of tooth decay, a crack, or an infection. A dentist will identify the problem and offer a solution.

  • Gum disease triggering swelling and pain

    – If you think you may have an oral infection, visit the dentist immediately for treatment. Earlier treatment will ensure the disease does not spread to other teeth.

  • Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth

    – You should visit an emergency dentist as soon as you notice any of these conditions.

  • Broken filling

    – Broken fillings can cause severe pain, and you may need emergency dental treatment to restore the filling.

Common Emergency Dental Care Services

1. Tooth Extractions

When you have an extremely damaged tooth that is beyond saving, you will need an extraction. Emergency dentists can remove the tooth to minimize the pain you are experiencing.

2. Severe Pain Treatment

In most cases, patients experiencing severe pain in the mouth are not aware of what is causing the pain. An emergency dentist can, however, help you to diagnose the problem and administer the right medication.

3. Dental Crowns

Teeth that are moderately damaged can be restored by placing dental crowns on them. The crown will restore functionality to the tooth and eliminate the pain.

How to Locate an Emergency Dentist

Most dentists are capable of providing emergency dental services. Therefore, you do not need to stress about trying to find one. Visit your local dentist near you, and you will have almost all of your dental problems solved. For extreme cases which your local dentist cannot handle, they will refer you out. On the other hand, you can search the web, and you will find many emergency dentists just a click away.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you can often avoid the need to seek emergency dental care by adhering to strict oral hygiene—brush and floss your teeth regularly, avoid sugary foods, use mouthwash, and change your toothbrush every few months. However, you should contact an emergency dentist promptly if you experience a severe toothache or have a broken tooth.

The sooner you visit a dentist, the faster you will get treatment. Furthermore, you can save yourself from potential teeth removal by visiting a dentist at the onset of the first symptoms. Quincy Dental Associates offers emergency dental care near you. Fill out our online form or give us a call to book an appointment.

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