Sports Guards in Quincy, MA

Sports guards, also known as mouthguards, are protective devices worn in the mouth to cushion teeth and surrounding tissues against impact. Sports guards are crucial components of preventive dentistry and can prevent broken and knocked-out teeth as well as other traumatic injuries. You should wear a sports guard when engaging in any sporting activity that involves contact, flying equipment, and falls.

There are different types of sports guards near you, namely stock mouthguards, boil-and-bite mouthguards, and custom sports guards. Stock mouthguards are available at your nearest drugstore, department store, or sporting goods store. They come in limited sizes and are often bulky and uncomfortable.

Boil-and-bite sports guards allow room for slight customization. They’re made from a thermoplastic material that softens enough to allow you to shape the device over your teeth.

For superior protection and a snug fit, custom sports guards are the best bet. Quincy Dental Associates is your trusted dental practice if you’re looking for custom sports guards near you.

What to Expect

We begin by evaluating your oral well-being to determine if you require other dental treatments. For example, if our dentist near you identifies signs of dental caries (cavities), you may need dental fillings or root canal therapy.

Next, our dentist takes your dental impressions. These allow the creation of a comfortable, custom, well-fitting sports guard. We make our sports guards from high-quality material that offers ultimate protection and comfort.

Sports guards are one way of protecting your teeth. Diligent dental hygiene as well as scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings is another way for continued dental health.

Caring for Your Sports Guard

Sports guards have an average shelf life of three to five years, depending on the extent of use and how well you care for your protective device. You can extend your mouthguard’s life by taking simple yet effective steps, including:

  • Use a firm, aerated container to store your sports guard when not in use or when in transit.
  • Always clean your sports guard before and after use. You may use water and mild soap or mouth rinse.
  • Bring your sports guard to your regular dental exams, so our dentist in Quincy, MA, can check for signs of wear.
  • Never share your mouthguard. Sharing your mouthguard is not only unhygienic but can also ruin the good fit of your protective device.

As far as your dental well-being, don’t leave anything to chance. When engaging in sports, whether professional, amateur or otherwise, always wear a sports guard.

Contact Quincy Dental Associates if you’re looking for a leading dental practice with many years of experience in crafting comfortable, custom sports guards in Quincy, MA.

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