Specialty Dental Care in Quincy, MA
Urgent Dental Care in Quincy, MA: Your Lifeline in Dental Emergencies

When dental emergencies strike, trust our experienced team to provide prompt and expert care, ensuring your smile is back in full bloom. Your Trusted Emergency Dentist in Quincy, MA

— Here for Your Urgent Dental Care Needs

Did you know that you can receive specialty dental care near you, such as emergency dentistry, root canal therapy, and sedation dentistry from Dr. Rossman and his team at Quincy Dental Associates? That’s right! In addition to general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, our dentist near you provides specialty care to patients of all ages.

We’re Here for Your Dental Emergency

Our dentist in Quincy, MA, knows that anyone going through a dental emergency should find the care they deserve. That’s why we provide emergency dentistry at Quincy Dental Associates. We know that unplanned dental experiences can be scary, but we’re here to provide top-tier care when you need it. Instead of feeling stressed about your dental emergency, give us a call to receive triage instructions until we see you in our office for specialty dental care near you.

Wondering if You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Do you have a sharp, centralized pain in one of your teeth? Are your gums swollen, or do you have a painful tooth that feels loose? If you answered “yes” to even one of these symptoms, there’s a good chance you need root canal therapy from a dentist near you, such as the team at Quincy Dental Associates. Although some of these symptoms could signal other conditions, Dr. Rossman can diagnose the exact cause of your concerns in our comfortable office. You can stop living with the pain that you’re experiencing by booking an appointment now.

Relief for Dental Anxiety

If you experience dental anxiety that keeps you from receiving the dental care you need, we offer sedation dentistry to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Sedatives are a type of medicine that instill patients with a sense of peace by reducing brain activity. The ones we use in our office are tested, studied, and safe for use. Our dental care team knows that dental anxiety can affect even the bravest individual; that’s why we will listen to your concerns and provide the specialty dental care that’s right for your individual needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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