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If you have good oral hygiene habits, then getting dentures are not a given when you reach your golden years. Thanks to the awareness of better dental habits and dental technology, many people have their natural teeth until they pass away.

However, if you need dentures, most people won’t be able to tell they are not your natural teeth, thanks to their realistic appearance.

What Happens When You Get Dentures?

When you visit our dentist to get dentures, he will take x-rays of your mouth and do a thorough examination before making impressions of your teeth. The dental laboratory will use the impressions to create your dentures.

While you’re waiting for your dentures to get back from the dental laboratory, our dentist at Quincy Dental Associates in Quincy, MA will give you the option of immediate or traditional dentures. Immediate dentures, sometimes known as same-day dentures, go into your mouth right after teeth extractions.

With traditional dentures, the extractions take place, and they’re left to heal before the dentures are put in your mouth. Healing can take up to eight weeks, so you won’t be wearing your dentures until the gums heal.

While wearing the dentures on your gums as they heal can be uncomfortable, you won’t be without teeth by choosing immediate dentures.

Adjustments to Dentures

After wearing immediate dentures for several weeks, you may need to have an adjustment. The gums will shrink a little after swelling from the extractions, and the jawbone shrinks as well over time. Our dentist at Quincy Dental Associates can make adjustments and line your dentures so that they fit in your mouth better and are more comfortable.

After the adjustments our dentist in Quincy makes, you should have few to no problems with your dentures.

If you take good care of your dentures, they should last several years. Eventually, they will wear down and need replacing. Some dentists suggest getting new ones after five to seven years. It will still be important to routinely see your dentist to take care of your gums and to make sure your dentures still fit correctly. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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