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Bruxism is a condition characterized by involuntary or semi-voluntary teeth grinding or clenching. Individuals who suffer from bruxism may grind their teeth when they’re awake or when sleeping. Often, if you suffer from nighttime bruxism, you may also have other related conditions such as sleep apnea and snoring.

While you can afford to ignore mild and short-lived bruxism, the same cannot be said of chronic bruxism. Complications of untreated bruxism include significant wear of tooth enamel, temporomandibular joint disorders, and compromised well-being.

For individuals who experience nighttime bruxism, night guards in Quincy, MA, are a safe, effective, and painless way of managing this condition. A night guard is a type of mouthguard that creates a barrier between the upper and lower dental arches, thus preventing you from clenching your teeth.

Causes and Symptoms of Bruxism (Tooth Grinding)

Tooth grinding may be a result of various factors, including stress and anxiety, malocclusion or misaligned teeth, or sleep apnea. Certain medications, such as particular antidepressants, are known to cause tooth grinding as one of the side effects.

Some individuals who struggle with tooth grinding may not always be aware of the existence of the problem, primarily because this occurs at night. Common symptoms of tooth grinding that should act as your red flags include:

  • Facial pain and earaches
  • Worn dental fillings
  • Worn teeth
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Jaw pain

What to Expect

During your appointment, our dentist in Quincy, MA, will begin by asking you several relevant questions to understand your lifestyle as well as the extent of your bruxism issue. The dentist will also conduct a thorough examination to check for signs of tooth grinding.

Depending on the outcome of the consultation, our dentist near you may refer you to a sleep specialist. Our dentist works collaboratively with the sleep specialist to determine if you’d benefit from a night mouthguard.

If yes, our dentist takes your dental impressions and shares these with the lab. The dental lab then creates a custom, well-fitting night guard from high-quality material. A night guard is worn over the teeth, just like a sports mouthguard. However, night guards are made from thinner material since they don’t need to absorb the shock of impacts, as is the case with sports guards.

Night guards near you are one of the ways of managing bruxism. Our dentist may suggest other interventions, for example, orthodontic treatment, depending on their professional assessment.

Contact Quincy Dental Associates today if you’re looking for a dental practice with extensive experience in crafting comfortable and superior quality night guards near you.

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