Emergency Dentistry in Quincy, MA

At Quincy Dental Associates, we believe that a person going through a dental emergency should find the care they deserve. That’s why we provide emergency dentistry services here at Quincy Dental Associates in Quincy, MA. We know these experiences can be scary, but we want you to rest assured that our emergency dentist near you will take good care of you.

Patients also need to know the things that qualify as dental emergencies and how to act during those first few minutes. We’ll give you some first aid tips that you should follow until you receive medical attention.

What Is an Emergency?

A dental emergency is something that has to be dealt with as soon as possible. If you delay emergency care, this can prevent us from trying to preserve the natural tooth. A dental abscess, for example, can pose a threat to a patient’s overall health. It can act as a source of infection to the rest of the body.

Severe trauma to the face can cause knocked-out teeth or loose teeth. If dealt with promptly, we might be able to preserve your natural teeth. Waiting to see an emergency dentist in Quincy, MA can mean losing your teeth and having to rely on artificial replacements. Major bleeding that isn’t slowing down or stopping is another dental emergency.

First Aid Tips

There are a few things you can do until you get to our office. If the problem is a knocked-out or loose tooth, try to keep it in its socket by biting on a piece of cotton. This isn’t always possible, though. In these cases, put the tooth in a clean container and cover it with saliva or milk. Those who try to keep the tooth in its socket should be very careful not to accidentally swallow it.

Bleeding can be controlled by constant pressure. If you have a high fever and throbbing pain, the problem might be an abscess. Visit our Quincy dentist as soon as possible so we can drain it and prescribe the appropriate medications. We always do our best to accommodate dental emergencies.

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