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Sometimes, the alveolar bone may not be sufficient to support dental implants. This bone deficiency may be occasioned by development defects, bone atrophy after tooth loss, facial injury, or gum disease. In such cases, bone grafting in Quincy, MA, is in the patient’s best interest and a crucial first step towards teeth replacement. Bone grafting surgery focuses on rebuilding the affected bone to enable the placement of tooth implants.

Anyone who requires dental implants may be a suitable candidate for bone grafting, depending on their bone health. However, our dentist in Quincy, MA, will thoroughly evaluate you first before recommending bone grafting.

What’s Involved in Bone Grafting?

Most people experience apprehension when they find out that they need bone grafting. While its name may sound intimidating, the procedure itself is anything but. Bone grafting near you is a relatively painless and predictable procedure conducted under appropriate anesthesia to guarantee patient comfort.

Quincy Dental Associates performs different bone grafts depending on the patient’s bone damage and the missing tooth’s location.

A common type of bone graft is the socket graft. During a socket graft, the dentist places bone into the tooth socket to prevent or correct atrophy of the alveolar bone—the bone that supports teeth. After undergoing a socket graft, you should be ready for the placement of an implant in about four to six months.

Our dentist near you may alternatively perform a lateral ridge preservation graft. These grafts are performed to widen the jawbone to accommodate an implant.

Block bone grafting near you is performed when the jawbone is significantly damaged. During this type of surgery, the dentist harvests a bone block from the jaw and then transplants it to the required sites.

Finally, we have what is known as a sinus lift procedure. A sinus lift procedure is performed when a patient needs an upper dental arch dental implant.

What to Expect

Bone grafting is an outpatient procedure that’s performed under appropriate anesthesia and sedation. The surgical process lasts approximately 45 to 90 minutes. Afterward, our dentist prescribes antibiotics to prevent infection. The initial recovery period is about two weeks, and then after this, you’ll need to wait for 3 to 6 months for complete healing.

Our dentist in Quincy, MA, requires that you come in for regular check-ups and monitoring. These visits allow us to keep a close eye on your progress and provide professional support on your teeth replacement journey.

Contact Quincy Dental Associates to find out if you’re a candidate for bone grafting near you.

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