Appliance Therapy in Quincy, MA

Did you know that it’s possible to treat teeth grinding, snoring, and sports-related injuries with appliance therapy near you? That’s right. The team at Quincy Dental Associates provides comprehensive dentistry that includes night guards, sports guards, and appliances for TMJ treatment. That means you and your family can receive one-stop dental care that ranges from general and cosmetic dentistry to preventive and restorative dentistry, with appliance therapy included as a part of that broad suite of services.

Night Guards to Treat Teeth Grinding

Do you wake up in the morning with facial or jaw pain? Have your teeth started to become sensitive? If so, those are two classic signs of bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding. And although these symptoms could signal other conditions, a diagnosis from Dr. Rossman of bruxism can easily be treated with a night guard that creates a barrier between the upper and lower dental arches, worn while you are sleeping, and thereby preventing you from clenching your teeth. Contact our dentist near you today if you’re looking for a dental practice with extensive experience in crafting comfortable and superior quality night guards in Quincy, MA.

Custom Sports Guards for Superior Comfort

Although there are different types of sports guards available for purchase online or over-the-counter, they come in limited sizes and are often bulky and uncomfortable to wear. For superior protection and a comfortable fit, custom sports guards are a better option to protect the health and beauty of your smile. Quincy Dental Associates is your trusted source for custom sports guards made from high-quality material that offers ultimate protection and comfort. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your dental health. Schedule an appointment for a custom sports guard from our dentist in Quincy, MA today so you can experience the difference yourself.

Wondering if You Have TMJ?

If you experience pain when chewing or have difficulty opening your jaw as wide as you once used to, you’re experiencing two of the many classic symptoms of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). Others include tenderness in your jaw, headaches upon awakening, and your jaw locking when you yawn. Dr. Rossman can provide relief for those conditions with a custom TMJ appliance that’s worn discreetly at night while you sleep. If you’d like to learn more about diagnosing and treatment of TMJ with appliance therapy near you, we invite you to call us today so you can start enjoying a restful night’s sleep!

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