4 Common Dental Procedures for Teeth Care and Maintenance

4 Common Dental Procedures for Teeth Care and Maintenance

Dec 01, 2020

Are you on the lookout for a reliable dentist near your college or university? Being in college does not mean that you are less vulnerable to tooth damage. For routine dental care or a complete smile makeover in Quincy, MA, give our office a call.

Below are a few fun facts about oral hygiene and four dental procedures you can get to improve your smile.

Dental Health: Basic Facts You Need to Know

Teeth Cannot Repair Themselves

Teeth are the only part of your body that does not have the capability for self-repair. All the more reason for you to find reliable dentistry near your college or university. Having a dentist close to your campus will make it easier for you to schedule appointments for routine dental check-ups.

Water Protects Teeth

We do not mean that water can replace toothpaste. Not at all. However, drinking an adequate amount of water before and after meals can aid with washing away particles from foods and drinks that are acidic.

Water also reduces bacteria and/or stain-causing residue that tend to cling to the enamel. You can call it a natural shield against plaque.

Sugar Really Is the Enemy

As yummy as sugary food and drinks are, they are detrimental to your teeth. And if you fail to practice good oral hygiene, tooth decay is something that you can definitely expect.

No need to fret just yet. As long as you lower the amount of sugar you consume, follow proper tooth-brushing after ingesting sugary treats, and regularly visit our dentistry in Quincy, MA, you can effectively preserve your teeth.

3 Common Dental Procedures for A Brilliant Smile

  1. Teeth Whitening

This is number one on the list because, after all, the color of your teeth can be telling of their actual condition. Additionally, teeth whitening can help bring your confidence back.

Depending on the current hue of your teeth, our dentist will set up return appointments for a successive whitening treatment. Choose professional dental whitening instead of store-bought whiteners for the most effective results.

  1. Teeth Cleaning

Once you have an appointment scheduled for a complete oral exam in Quincy, MA, tell your dentist that you want teeth cleaning to be done, too. Teeth cleaning is that extra step that will warrant the protection of your teeth from decay and cavities. On top of an excellent daily oral care routine, that is.

Sometimes, plaque and tartar latch onto corners of your teeth, which are tough to thoroughly clean with a toothbrush. In fact, even those who conscientiously brush and floss after meals are still susceptible to these tooth-destroying agents.

Dental exams and cleanings in Quincy, MA, will ensure that plaque and tartar are scraped off before they wreak havoc on your teeth.

  1. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a tooth repair procedure where your dentist uses a kind of resin to fix chips, fractures, minor gaps, and cavities. It is a popular procedure because the resin used is tinted with a hue similar to that of your natural teeth.

The resin is then reshaped, polished, and buffed so that even its contours emulate that of the original teeth surrounding the ones that are bonded.

Besides cosmetic purposes, dental bonding is a great means of having teeth mended so that the damaged areas do not widen and multiply.

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